Ingredients of Great Art

llusk-sketchbook-note-great-artIs my art great? Collectively, no, I don’t consider it great among others. Neither is it terrible, and there are some works that are more satisfying when completed than others. On the whole, my art is personal, and a work in progress.

In my quest for understanding art, I look at other art and art history. What I noted from Art: A New History, by Paul Johnson, found on page 727, I wrote in my sketchbook.

  • Unforgettable image
  • Meticulous execution
  • Moral purpose
  • A shock to the senses

Do I want to be great? As I ponder this, I have not decided to work towards greatness at this time. I wonder if it’s even achievable for myself. My objective is to work towards being personally satisfied. However, I look forward to greatness when and where I can find it!

Johnson, Paul. (2003) Art: A New History. Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA: HarperCollins.

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