Past the Moon

Work in progress.
Work in progress.

Exhausted from a stressful life event, I collapsed into bed in my hotel room on the fifth floor as the full moon rose in the sky. I felt like I was alone in a tower, safe and needing rest to battle an evil that had invaded. Sleeping but actively dreaming, I felt my spirit walk out into the moonlight. I walked past the moon and on towards the “New” with feet firmly on the ground, following the path of a river.

From this, I was inspired to learn more about the moon regarding its phases and influences on the planet. I found a lovely, simple reference page for the lunar cycle and phases of the moon at Regarding the lunar cycle and it’s influences on human behavior, I found that there is no real conclusive evidence, although the general romantic notion is that human behavior is affected by a full moon in interesting ways. My theory is that when the moon is full, it’s generally easier to see at night, and hence inspires more activity among people.

Dreams often inspire art. This dream, while deeply introspective, manifested itself into a much less serious Objet D’art. I drew four phases of the moon with waking faces onto a weathered old board from an abandoned house. Keeping the faded white paint intact as the background, I believe it captures the magic of moonlight. I added bats.

The stressful life event righted itself again. Life happens and we all float on.

“Batshit Crazy”

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