Real Life vs Facebook

Mardi Gras 2018 was a spectacular event for me, and now that it’s gone I look at my attempts to share it on Facebook and realize that I didn’t capture the magic at all! In addition, I really think I haven’t been all that successful with Facebook connecting and sharing. It seems too many people these days are busy sharing fake news, useless prayers, and arguing politics. Ugh! I think Facebook is just taking advantage of our personal details, habits, and preferences to gain marketing ammunition.

What I love is going out and seeing real life. A walk in the park, botanical garden, sculptor garden, the bayou, by the lake, in the quarter, in the museums… all beat the hell out of scrolling Facebook. So, after years of paring down my friend list to a significant few, I just gave up to spend more time in the real world. I’m a skilled computer user after having spent 30 odd years working in graphic design, but now you generally have to twist my arm to sit me down at a computer, including maintaining my own art blog site. I guess every hustler needs a web presence though, right? I call it a necessary evil.

I met a man feeding the birds and nutria today, and I took a few photos while we chatted. He was from Chicago and retired and spends the days doing what he wants. Isn’t that the definition of successful… to do what you want? I want more real, more smiles, more happy people.

Included here are few photos from today at Lafreniere Park, in Metairie, Louisiana. Exploring is the best!