Oh, Serendipity!

I’m a big fan of serendipity. I have an innate ability to encounter and appreciate something interesting during my wanderings. It’s part luck and it’s part effort, because I enjoy the hunt for small adventures. It might not be a big ol’ thing, and often it’s not a thing at all, it’s an opportunity or experience. I often incorporate this into my art, but honestly, there are times where I just let my art fall by the wayside and immerse myself in other activities. I enjoy visiting parks, binge watching Hulu and Netflix (my current obsession is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries), cooking, reading, and just wandering around the city.

logo@2xThanks to the Helis Foundation, I can visit the Ogden Museum of Southern Arts for free on Thursdays! Check out https://ogdenmuseum.org/visit/thursdays. I go into each gallery toward what catches my eye. I’m intrigued by the details. When I take photos to share on my instagram (@luckyluskart), I just capture parts and pieces, shapes, color schemes, and patterns. See what I found below.

Oh, you should go to the O!!

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