Laurie Lusk



I’m on an adventure to discover art, make art, share art, and encounter other artists. This is how I came to live in the vibrant city of New Orleans!

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art from Florida State University many years ago. I studied art for art’s sake, but I still need to make a living! Luckily, my search led me to a graphic design career that started with a small quick printing shop and eventually into public relations, education, training, and marketing. Throughout my career, my creative endeavors have been balanced between my day job and my passion for art and design.

I’m serendipitously inspired by subjects and ideas found in my daily life and by field trips into nature. I love funky old things, magic, found objects, odd people, and fierce creatures. I admire ravens and alligators. I create my art in the studio from sketches and photographs. This is where I can concentrate, burn candles, play music, and compose my ideas.

My media of choice is acrylic on canvas or board, and watercolor on heavy, cold-pressed paper. Images are often composed from several sketches and transferred to canvas before painting begins. Due to diversions, I cyclically cast aside and revisit the artwork. Colors and shapes are layered during experimental sessions, shadows and highlights are added to clarify details, and much artistic license is incorporated according to whim until the painting becomes a fully realized creation.

Subjects are painted in bold colors and vibrant compositions, and often include an underlying concept. This may manifest as a simple joke, sarcasm, a little irony, some stupidity, a dose of sheer luck, a whopping amount of anger, a bit of danger, and plenty of frustration. I also work to have my art resonate with strength, to show fierceness, determination, and survivorship. Sometimes I just enjoy nature and paint a flower because they are beautiful. 

I believe art is powerful and has significant intrinsic and communication value. I believe that looking at art and contemplating art is good for your brain and is comparative to reading literature, listening to music, breathing fresh air, and consuming good food. Let’s all have some of that!