FwURK Apparel

I invented the word FwURK one day out of frustration with work. It’s simply pronounced FURK! with the exclamation mark included, and has a satisfying ring. In a rebellious mood, I launched FwURK Apparel graphic t-shirts and made a logo for it. A typical illustration contains a message of sarcasm, irony, humor, or love. Meant to be… Continue reading FwURK Apparel

Southern Wild Art Series

This developing series explores fierce creatures, stormy weather, and coastal habitats (beach, bay, bayou, marsh, and swamp) along the Gulf Coast. For this series, my color palette includes ivory black, burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, quinacridone blue violet, brilliant purple, brilliant blue, hooker’s green, titanium white, with touches of cadmium red medium and cadmium yellow light. I enjoy… Continue reading Southern Wild Art Series

My Etsy Shop

Etsy is well know for marketing handmade and unique products that art loving buyers seek and appreciate. With Etsy, you can “shop for anything from creative people everywhere” and inspire art lovers all over the world. I created my Etsy shop to have: A fun, creative outlet An artistic part-time business venture An e-commerce site where I could… Continue reading My Etsy Shop

Magazine Street Art Market

Down on one of the coolest streets in New Orleans, Magazine Street, there is a place where art is shared and people enjoy the good food of Dat Dog. The courtyard at Dat Dog is a colorful, magical place to view, appreciate, and buy local art from local artists. The market is held on Friday… Continue reading Magazine Street Art Market

Hey! Cafe Art Exhibit 2017

I was lucky one day while visiting Hey! Cafe in New Orleans and serendipitously became their exhibiting artist from Friday, August 11 through Thursday, August 31. You know how it feels when you find a shiny penny and then you find another? That’s how I felt, except I’d stumbled into opportunity. It knocked and I… Continue reading Hey! Cafe Art Exhibit 2017

Art For Art’s Sake 2017

Each Fall, the Magazine Street Merchant Association kicks off the start of the New Orleans Arts season with music, wine, gallery openings, and shopping. It’s a night of gallery hopping, shopping, strolling, and sipping drinks. Basically it’s a block party! This was my first time participating, and I was setup outside of Del Fuego Taquiera at… Continue reading Art For Art’s Sake 2017

45 Tchoup bArt Market

Serendipity at it’s best! Stumble in or stumble out, either way you’ll enjoy your visit to this neighborhood bar, which, along with @curselets, hosts an annual art market for artists and makers showcasing their wares. This year, it happened Saturday, December 9. Through networking, I was informed of this opportunity to participate. I’m glad I… Continue reading 45 Tchoup bArt Market