Hey! Cafe Art Exhibit 2017

llusk_heycafe-300I was lucky one day while visiting Hey! Cafe in New Orleans and serendipitously became their exhibiting artist from Friday, August 11 through Thursday, August 31.

You know how it feels when you find a shiny penny and then you find another? That’s how I felt, except I’d stumbled into opportunity. It knocked and I accepted the offer!

I’d been to Hey! Cafe a few times and enjoyed their iced coffee and pastries. During a July “Cool Down” block party, I was introduced to Tommy the owner and I presented my business card. We talked casually about hanging my art, in which I reassured him that it didn’t suck, followed up with a bit of correspondence over the whirled wide inter-web. Just like that, I became a thing at Hey! Cafe for a time period that I am very appreciative for having been a thing.

Hey! Cafe likes to do things a little differently, and that’s good! You can learn more about them at http://www.heycafe.biz. I like the cozy community vibe, the great coffee, and friendly service. It’s also easy to drive, park, walk, or bike to at 4332 Magazine Street. Get acquainted with the neighborhood and shop local!

Here are a few of photos of Hey! Cafe and my art on the walls.

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