Weird Ones

“Burst” acrylic on canvas, 18×18.

I consistently paint scenes that are inspired by nature and coastal creatures found in my region of inhabitance, i.e. the Gulf Coast. I like the sharp prickly things and fierce creatures best. However, on occasion, I like to explore an idea that I refer to as a weird one. Weird ones are basically painterly illustrations that may be recalled from a dream, shaped into being from a feeling, or pulled from fantasy, legend, and creative will sparked by imagination gathered from my reading interest.

They’re not really very weird, just different than my regular stream of imagery.  These include a mash-up of pop culture science fiction and classic literature, or mythological creatures like the hippocampus, or, as seen here, “Burst” a painting of a heart bursting with Mardi Gras beads inspired by New Orleans.

The other day I wondered what it would look like for an alligator to be lurking unknown in a ball pit. Quite the surprise for a kid’s birthday party!

I have a small, but growing, section in my Etsy shop for the weird ones that are available for sale.

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